Medicinal plants and their products are used worldwide as home remedies, over-the-counter preparations and raw materials for the pharmaceutical industry. They now account for a substantial proportion of the global drug market, and increasing attention is therefore being paid to assurance of their quality, safety and efficacy. Inter-Evrogeneks programme, “Health from the nature” has rigorous criteria for all phases of production, with purpose to keep a high level of quality in our products.

Origin of raw materials

All wild plants which are used in our preparations are originating from mountains Belasica and Ograzhden, collected by qualified collectors, in strictly determinated part of the year and during defined weather conditions. Also we are paying attention to the procedure of keeping and drying of the raw material, depending of the plant itself.

Keeping the raw materials

Raw materials are kept protected from light, under strictly controlled humidity and temperature.

Quality control of raw materials

All raw materials are examined for:

  • organoleptic characteristics (colour, texture and odour),
  • presentation of the material (raw, cut, crushed, compressed),
  • presence of admixtures, foreign matter (sand, glass particles, dirt), mould or signs of decay,
  • the presence of insects,
  • the presence of active substances and other substances.

Samples are took from multiple positions in the raw material and in different depths. Our rigorous criteria do not allow purchase of all supplied raw materials.

Technology of processing of the raw materials

Inter-Evrogeneks is completely equipped in aspects of technology and personnel. The plant material is processed carefully, and the goal is every active ingredient to be completely and regularly transferred to the final product.

Keeping of the final product

Final product is kept as signed in international regulations and is being transported trough our distribution network to our esteemed consumers.