About us

Inter-Evrogeneks is a modern pharmaceutical dietetic company from Novo Selo, near Strumica, that produces herbal drugs and dietetic products in the Republic of Macedonia. We produce around 20 products that are marked with “Health from Nature”, and are present on the Macedonian and foreign market.

The products are exclusively of herbal origin, collected from the mountains Belasica and Ograzden, near the factory itself. These mountains are considered a clean ecological environment.

Inter-Evrogeneks is equipped with the latest technologies and equipment that are according to the European and International standards. Our team consists of highly trained and well-educated professionals.


Our mission is to integrate modern scientific knowledge, in the field of herbal medicine and traditional use of herbs, in the treatment of diseases, in order to produce products that effectively, and without side effects, will help in treating diseases of modern man.


Our vision is to formulate and produce herbal products that are according to the most rigorous European and International requirements in terms of quality, efficacy and safety of herbal products.


Social responsibility, quality of work through educated professional staff, teamwork, and following of the modern trends in the industry.


The values that we appreciate and promote are responsibility, honesty, professionalism, collegiality, and a sense of belonging to the collective and the wider community.


This policy aims to clearly and unambiguously indicate the determination of the company INTER-EUROGENEKS DOOEL, to continuously implement and promote its operations in accordance with the requirements of the international standards: ISO 9001: 2015 (Quality Management System), ISO 14001: 2015 environmental management system and ISO 22000: 2005 system for food safety and food products.

The high commitment to meeting the requirements of these standards, setting goals that are in accordance with them and the participation of all employees in their implementation, contributes to the company’s operations to result in products and services that are in accordance with the requirements of our users and all interested parties, both internally and externally, in an environment characterized by a high level of product safety, which together constitute the base from which the strategic goals of our company arise.

We strive in all aspects of our work to approach systematically and integrate the following principles into it:

  • By offering quality products and services to achieve a high level of satisfaction for all stakeholders, meeting their requirements.
  • We operate in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations as well as with the internal requirements of the company.
  • We continuously improve the quality management system to provide health and quality products, applying the principles of Good Manufacturing Practice and Good Hygiene Practice.
  • We strive for a healthy environment and reduce pollution by reducing energy and water consumption, rational use of resources, and improving waste management methods.
  • Providing favourable conditions for learning and continuous improvement of the knowledge and skills of all employees.
  • Encouraging teamwork in order to perform the tasks as effectively as possible.
  • Planning all work processes and introducing continuous improvements (by measuring and analyzing performance to provide data that are necessary to change and improve the process).
  • Partner relationship with suppliers and users by strengthening trust and cooperation.

This policy is approved by the top management of the company INTER-EUROGENEKS DOOEL and provides a framework for further setting of the relevant goals of the company.

Skopje, 01.04.2018
Manager Rumjana Gjorgjieva

History of the company

Today the family business grows into a modern factory for the production of herbal medicines and dietary products. Inter-Evrogeneks in its products contains the purest natural materials, which quality and properties are guarantee for the maintenance of human health. We must not forget – health is the only thing worth investing.
The company owns the GMP certificates and certificates for ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 22000:2005.

The company is committed to water extracts and herbal teas, and its expansion occurs in 2001 when it starts building a new factory with its own funds. The factory is built in accordance with international standards and good manufacturing practice (GMP) rules for the production of herbal medicines in liquid and solid dosage forms. The company owns the certificates ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

It all started in 1991, when Mr. Ing. Ivan Gjorgiev founded the company Inter-Evrogeneks, whose main goal was the collection of self-seeding medicinal plants, in order to develop new formulations and products.