We are ready to establish partnership with companies from abroad for registration, distribution and marketing of our products.


Inter-Evrogeneks is available for collaboration in production and packaging of products. We have equipment for production, dosaging and packaging liquid dosage forms in glass bottles, and production and packaging of tablets.

Our company has the following equipment:

  • grinding machine for plant material with capacity of 1.000 kg/h
  • deionizator for pure water with capacity of 2.000 l/h
  • duplexing extractor with capacity of 200 l/h
  • homogeniser with capacity of 200 l/h
  • dosaging machine for glass bottles with capacity of 10.000 bottles/h
  • machine for closing bottles with capacity of 10.000 bottles/h
  • labeling machine with capacity of 10.000 bottles/h
  • granulator with capacity of 100 l/h
  • tableting machine with capacity of 160.000 tablets/h

Raw materials

Inter-Evrogeneks has raw materials for your production. We are selling part of our raw materials, and also we have periodical need for raw materials.

The origin of raw materials is guarantied by control of the suppliers, and also with laboratory controls of samples, using pharmacopoeias standards and our standards. The raw materials are microbiologically controlled, and tested for absence of heavy metals and pesticides.

Here is presented a part of our raw materials:

  • Capsella bursa-pastoris up to 100.000 kg
  • Urtica folii up to 50.000 kg
  • Hyperici herba up to 40.000 kg
  • Cynodoni rhizoma up to 100.000 kg
  • Visci herba up to 50.000 kg
  • Mentha piperita up to 50.000 kg