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  Pharmaceutical industry


Our vision - health from the nature


Pharmaceutical industry Inter-Evrogeneks is present for a long time at the Macedonian and international market. Inter-Evrogeneks is working on creation and production of exclusive medicinal preparations strictly from herbal origin.

Our vision is health from the nature, a vision which leads us to usage of unique natural resources for treatment of all ilnesses. We know that for any ilness and condition, there is a adequate natural treatment. Thus we are putting our efforts in exploration and analysis of natural resources and discovering combinations of herbs - for any disease.

Knowledge and experience of our employees, supported with the most contemporary technological achievements implemented in our labоratories, are giving us a ideal condition for creation of the best product.


Pharmaceutical industry

factory: Goce Delcev no.12;
2434 Novo Selo;
phone: 00 389 34 355 334

representation office: Nikola Vapcarov, 20/7;
1000 Skopje, Macedonia

phone: 00 389 2 3215800, 00 389 2 3215801
mobile: 00 389 70 259222, 00 389 70 214296



 "Varufarm" pharmacy

Vodnjanska 18/1/1;
1000 Skopje, Macedonia
phone: 00 389 2 3177 922
mobile: 00 389 71 345 363
working hours: monday - saturday from 8 - 21 h



World renowned medicament for improvement of general state of the organism, especially useful in cancer treatment


Health from the nature
View the criteria for origin of our raw material, quality control, processing technology and managing of the final product


"Varufarm“ pharmacy
Products of "Inter-Evrogeneks" can be found in all of the bigger pharmacies in Macedonia, as well as in our specialised pharmacy "Varufarm" where you will be properly adviced



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